EMGO Weather RX alternative firmware

  • uses Atmel AT90S2313/ATtiny2313 (pin compatible with original AT89C2051 microcontroller)
  • control: channe mode, manual frequency mode, scan, computer control (RX2/EMGO compatible)
  • features Rig RX2 scan function via RS232
  • Center button mode cycling:

    - Channel mode/UART control (default) - blinking left arrow
    - Scan mode - label "SCAN..." and blinking star symbol, if
        squelch is open - blinking exclamation symbol and channel name label
    - Manual frequency mode - 10 kHz step, label "MANUAL" instead of channel name

    Up/Down buttons work in all circumstances.

    2137.100NOAA-19Working, possible interference with Meteor M N1
    3137.400OKE/SICOKEAN-0/SICH M-1 sporadic
    4137.500NOAA-17Off (stalled scan motor), sporadic carrier from Tiros-N, NOAA-6 and NOAA-9
    8137.700NOAA-RTNOAA beacons
    11134.000DCONV-11.6 GHz downconverter
    12141.200DCONV-21.6 GHz downconverter

    The converter channels are not scanned in scan mode and can not be selected by RS-232 remote control.

    1.531. March 2012 - labels corrected and updated
    1.418. December 2010 - added Meteor and Resurs labels
    1.311. August 2010 - removed mode without UART control
    - cosmetic changes to scan mode
    1.29. August 2010 - manual mode did not work due to a stupid error
    - unused channels are labeled as CH-x
    1.125. June 2009 - channel labels updated for NOAA 18/19 frequency change
    1.08. June 2009 - first release

    The software is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.
    Just flash it to a AT90S2313 (a ATtiny2313 should also work - could not test it) and replace the original AT89C2051 chip.

    You can download the hex file here (use "save target as"/"save link as").
    You can download the latest source code here.

    Older versions can also be downloaded:
    V1.4 (18. December 2010)SRCHEX
    V1.3 (11. August 2010)SRCHEX
    V1.2 (9. August 2010)SRCHEX
    V1.1 (25. June 2009)SRCHEX
    V1.0 (8. June 2009)SRCHEX

    Happy WX-ing!

    For any questions you can contact me using

    (C)2009 by Marius, YO2LOJ